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솔라맥스2 SMF60-BF10
판매가 4,090,000원
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    • # SolarMax II 60mm Solar Filter set with RichView tuning system
    • # 10mm Blocking Filter

    Coronado by Meade SolarMax II 60mm Solar Filter set with RichView tuning system. Includes 60mm diameter primary H-Alpha etalon filter with sub 0.7 angstrom bandwidth /*C*and*C*/ 10mm Blocking Filter. Recommended for telescopes with a focal length of 1000mm /*C*or*C*/ less to provide a fully illuminated image on the solar disc. 
    Coronado filters are used around the world by serious solar enthusiasts /*C*and*C*/ professional research facilities alike. When properly /*C*and*C*/ safely mounted on your high quality refractor /*C*or*C*/ other suitable telescope this filter set allows observation /*C*and*C*/ imaging of the amazing /*C*and*C*/ ever changing surface detail /*C*and*C*/ prominences on the Sun in hydrogen-alpha (Ha) light. Custom mounting will be required (adapters /*C*not*C*/ included).

    The patented RichView tuning assembly allows direct tuning of the primary filter etalon. No other commercially available Ha telescope can provide the tuning range /*C*and*C*/ accuracy of the SolarMax II. Now you can tune for the highest contrast views of active regions, filaments /*C*and*C*/ surface detail, /*C*or*C*/ quickly /*C*and*C*/ easily re-tune for prominences on the solar limb.